Associate a staff member to their supervisor

Each user account of the ResLife Portal must belong to a "User Group." Each group must belong to a parent group. This chain of groups in a parent/child relationship allows us to establish the connection of user accounts to their respective real-world organizational hierarchy.

Here is an example:

  • Tom, is a supervisor at Cary Quadrangle residence hall
  • Dave, a staff member who reports to Tom at Cary Quadrangle residence hall
  • Both of their user accounts must each belong to a User Group
  • A User Group will be created for Tom and can be given a name, such as "Supervisors - Tom"
  • A User Group will be created for the staff that report to Tom and can be named "Tom's Staff Members."
  • The user group "Supervisors - Tom" will serve as the parent group for "Tom's Staff Members."
  • Tom's user account should be associated to the user group "Supervisors - Tom"
  • Dave's user account should be associated to the user group "Tom's Staff Members"
  • Therefore in the ResLife Portal, the system will know that Dave is a staff member reporting to Tom.
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